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An afternoon menu for service between 3 and 4pm is also available

Group menu applies to bookings of 10 or more during busy times.

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Main Menu


"Our aim is to provide you with a relaxing and enjoyable experience, if you have time constraints please advise one of our friendly team."




Breads and Dips                                                                               Entrée $15.00 / Main $22.00

In house baked breads, Kalamata olives, local olive oil, dukkha, hummus, tomato & olive chutney

Wine suggestion:

Choose from one of our enjoyable aromatic wines, a perfect match for this light dish






Chicken & Pistachio Terrine (G/F available on request)                                                                        $15.00    

Served with spiced pear chutney, in house baked bread & salad leaves                                                                               

Wine Suggestion:

Waipara Springs Pinot Gris- aromatic notes of pear and touch of spice, flow onto the palate to compliment the smooth, nutty and spicy elements of this dish



Parmesan, Thyme & Red Onion Tart                                                                             $13.00

Served with salad leaves, sun dried tomato & olive relish

Wine Suggestions:

Waipara Springs Sauvignon Blanc – vibrant acidity combined with a crisp fresh finish, a perfect wine choice to enhance all the savoury flavours.



Akaroa Smoked Salmon Roulade                                                                                  $15.00

In house smoked Akaroa Salmon salad with lemon and dill cream cheese and a petit salad


Waipara Springs Premo Dry Riesling 2009 – This classic Dry Riesling enhances and compliments the savoury and salty aspects of the salmon and balances well with the citrus and creamy lushness.





Honey, Lemon & Sweet Chilli Chicken (GF available on request)                                            $25.00

Served with salad leaves, broad beans, chick peas, cherry tomatoes, lemon & whole grain mustard dressing


Wine Suggestions.

Waipara Springs Dry Riesling 2010- Dry elegant structure of this perfectly balanced classic Dry Riesling, makes this wine the perfect match to emphasize and compliment the sweet, savoury and chilli aspects of this dish. 


Herb & Four Cheese Tortellini (G/F available on request)                                                               $24.00                                                              

Served with tomato & basil sauce, spinach & shredded parmesan


Wine Suggestions.

Waipara Springs Rose- Off dry with subtle berry undertones, add to the balance and consistency of this beautiful summer pasta dish.



House Smoked Akaroa Salmon (G/F available on request)                                             $25.00

Salmon fillet, chive potato salad, pickled cucumber & carrot ribbons, mixed leaves & mustard vinaigrette


Wine Suggestion:

Waipara Springs Pinot Noir–  Fine smooth tannins, provide structure and length to the mouth-watering ingredients of this locally sourced prime cut of salmon.                                                                                           


Gourmet Steak Sandwich (G/F available on request)                                                                             $29.00

Prime North Canterbury beef sirloin, french-fries, house baked bread, salad leaves & horseradish aioli


Wine Suggestion:

Waipara Downs Merlot-  with a rich smooth profile and spicy undertones, this Merlot is an ideal match to complement the variety of flavours the dish offers.


Waipara Springs Premo Pinot Noir- Ripe tannins, smooth and elegant in profile a classic and perfect choice to match with this Sirloin dish.


Hoisin Glazed Pork Belly (G/F available on request)                                                                           $26.00

Twice cooked pork belly, hoisin glaze, mixed leaf & rice noodle salad with Asian dressing and crushed peanuts


Wine Suggestion:

Waipara Springs Chardonnay- Nutty savoury undertones with fine acidity, matches well to the natural oils and condiments of this popular dish.  




Waipara Springs Platter                                                                  $40.00 small / $65.00 Large

(Suitable for sharing) (G/F available on request)                                                                                       

Our famous Antipasto platter comes with a selection of local cheeses, seasonal fruits, wood smoked Akaroa salmon, salami, olives, mixed leaves, marinated chicken nibbles, crumbed mushrooms, herb and garlic sausages (gf), dips, house baked breads & crackers


Wine Suggestion:

With the variety this delectable platter has to offer, select from our wine list and enjoy with a wine that strikes the mood or weather of the day



Seafood Platter                                                                                                                  $65.00

(Suitable for sharing) (G/F available on request)

Our selection of hot & cold seafood comes with garlic prawns, house smoked salmon, lemon pepper calamari, mini shrimp cocktail, passionfruit & sweet chilli mussels, mixed leaves, olives, dips, crackers & house baked bread


               Wine Suggestion:

Waipara Springs Sauvignon Blanc- The perfect wine to enhance the rich and salty flavours of this appetizing seafood platter




Gluten Free Bread $4.00


Green Salad with Vinaigrette $6.00


6 Crumbed Prawn Cutlets with Plum Sauce $6.00


French Fries with Horseradish Aioli $6.00


     Passionfruit & Sweet Chilli Mussels $6.00


Some dishes can be modified to suit dietary requirements- please speak to one of our friendly Team.






White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake

With boysenberry ice cream & vanilla bean anglaise


Waipara Springs Ice Cream Sundae

A selection of vanilla bean, double chocolate & boysenberry ice creams with chocolate sauce







Chocolate Brownie (GF)

Caramel Tan Square

Pear and Cinnamon Shortcake

Maddie's Coffee & Chocolate Tart

Ice Cream Scoop – optional extra $1.00

Banana and Dark Chocolate Muffin

Cheese and Ham Muffin



Here at Waipara Springs Winery we pride ourselves on using fresh quality products sourced from local suppliers.

Akaroa Salmon
Harris Meats, Cheviot
Waipara Groves Olive Oil
Karikaas Cheese, Loburn
Estate grown asparagus
A Cracker of A Nut
Home baked breads & desserts

From our local neighbours farms to your plate.
Not just a meal but a dining experience.

Cellar Club members enjoy 15% discount on dining up to $25 during regular dining hours.

Food is prepared to order so please advise waiting staff if time restraints exist.

All prices include GST




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