Interesting Facts

Did you know?

Waipara Springs paved the way for the Waipara region and was the original Cellar door and Café in the Waipara Valley with the official opening 13th October 1990 by the Hon. DF Quigly.

First plantings were in 1982 making Waipara Springs one of the oldest wineries and Vineyards in New Zealand.

Waipara Springs first Vintage was in 1989.

Our 36-year-old Chardonnay Vines are on their own (un-grafted) roots, a unique facet in the region.

Did you know our vines are self-pollenating? The vines have both male and female parts that allow them to self-pollenate through the assistance of wind.

A specialist cool climate Aromatic wine producing region. Meaning the grapes and vines thrive with warm days and cool nights to retain their vibrant flavours.

Jill and Bruce Moore, who pioneered the planting of the first vines and opened the café, still live on property in the original family home.

Back in 1981 Bruce Moore, in conjunction with Lincoln university undertook the first plantings of Pinot Noir in the Region. This was experimental to see how the vines and grapes would respond to the terroir. This was a hugely successful exercise and Waipara Valley is now recognised internationally as a leading Pinot Noir producing region!